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How I Became an Instagram Poet (And Didn’t Even Know It)
It started as a joke and ended in 4k followers and $1600 in sales of an actual poetry book.

Want the full story behind t.t. poet? Here's how I became an Instagram poet.

It's been almost 2 years since I sunset The Tumblr Poet.

But as I start work on my next side project, I find myself digging it up again and remembering how much joy it brought others (I once showed a poem😔🥀 to a friend of a friend over drinks who proceeded to literally cry at "how stupid it was").

The Tumblr Poet made me a few hundred bucks in profit (most of which I donated), earned me some new readers as a writer, and got me job opportunities, podcast invites, and even a few new friends.

But above all, it reminded me of the kind of uncompromising artist I admired and aspired to be as a kid—the kind who created whatever they wanted.

That's why I've decided to make the eBook available for free.

Not as a "$0 digital product" or "in exchange for an email". Just a link you can grab and share with others. In fact, I've gone ahead and embedded it above to save you two clicks.

I hope this book puts a stupid smile on your face like it did mine. If so, please pass it around and spread the gift of poetry 😔🥀