Introducing the Random Starbucks Order Generator

"Why?" you ask. To change the world, one Starbucks order at a time

Have you ever wondered how many hours we lose as a species to people who can't make up their minds at Starbucks—hmm-ing and umm-ing at the front of the line?

Probably not.

But you should: It's estimated that a single Starbucks sees around 750 customers per day. Assuming each customer takes 10 seconds to figure out their order, that's 125 minutes of wasted time per day, per store. Or, the entire length of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.

Averaged out across over 33,800 stores worldwide, that's at least 2,934 days for every lap the earth takes around the sun. According to my calculations¹:

Starbucks Order Indecision costs humanity the equivalent of 8 years every single day.

Now consider the opportunity cost of all those wasted hours both as a species and individually—hours we could have spent figuring out how to stop climate change, or binge-watching all 10 seasons of Friends for the 7th time.

Well, no more. What if everyone could outsource their Starbucks orders with the push of a button?

That's why I built the Random Starbucks Order Generator: to help people bypass Starbucks' alleged 87,000 drink combinations and pick one to order².

¹ Accuracy Disclaimer

I dropped Math after the 11th grade and have forgotten how to long divide. But I'm pretty confident in my calculations (give or take a few years).

² Legal Disclaimer

The creator assumes no responsibility or liability for any stomachaches, allergic reactions, or hours spent on a toilet from ordering any of the drinks suggested by Random Starbucks Order Generator.

Tweet your random Starbucks order and let's reclaim those 8 years of wasted time—together 😔

Just copy your favorite random order and paste it into your tweet🖤